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Bamboo House

View 1

12:21 min

The first of three "views" that are the main focus of this album. Inspired by the collections of Japanese paintings with titles like "100 Views of...", these are essentially orchestral pieces along with Far Eastern ethnic instruments to create a distictly oriental feel. This one uses a number of ethnic plucked instruments for themes and to provide rhythmic impetus.

View 2

9:20 min

The second of the tree views, this piece concentrates more of plucked instruments like the Kanoon.

View 3

11:32 min

The last of the three views, this piece is intended to draw the set to a conclusion using Gamelan instruments, Thai Bells and, of course, Shakuhachi.


5:01 min

This "English" orchestral piece has the sound of a round that never quite comes to a conclusion.


7:28 min

Alum was born from an experiment in creating a drum kit entirely from synthesised sound effects. The style is distinctly Jazz.


11:53 min

Hollow combines a trancy reverberated offbeat flute with sweeping pads to create another "orchestral" texture. The backing rhythm is intended to have a less electronic feel as a counterpoint to main body of instruments.