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Crossed Paths


15:15 min

Heavy use of tritone chord sequences to make a mysterious landscape.


9:01 min

A slightly sleepy version of a Venetian punter.


6:34 min

More the Ariadne of Naxos than the Ariadne of Minos. Evelyn de Morgan's painting, maybe.


11:15 min

This piece is about the reflection of loss and rememberance of life.


2:53 min

More of a "fun to write" piece

Desert Cry

8:40 min

This was the first piece I wrote using Spectrasonics Atmosphere to create some of the spaces. I moved onto Omnisphere now, but it still works.

Marking Time

3:36 min

This string piece was a result of a day spent in the space between boredom and reflection.

Dying Light

11:00 min

More bells and whistles. More than bells and whistles.