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3:57 min

This track was created by experimenting with the combination of the cross rhythms of Gamelan with a straight "4 to the floor" rhythm track. It uses a wide range of Oriental bells and other struck instruments in repeating 3, 4 and 5 note patterns.


3:43 min

This was written as theme music for my first web site. I needed something that could sound reasonable on an FM sound card which is a bit of a tall order. It's sort of spacey and orchestral and choral at the same time.


5:03 min

This one started out life as the backing music for a animated video. Another combination of Javanese instruments and a Western rhythm track. It always seems a bit martial to me when I hear it.


3:11 min

Something very slight: very wallpaper. But it was fun writing it all the same.


3:50 min

An experiment with MIDI echoes lead to this. I still like the end though.


3:43 min

Santa is a short piece for Jazz Quartet written around Christmas (hence the name).

Mad House

4:02 min

This is an early experiment is using lots of filters and effects to create some more upbeat textures.


8:42 min

Another orchestral/choral sounding piece in ternary form. The middle section sounds like something people were doing in British films in the 50's.


5:40 min

Sometimes tracks take ages and other times they just happen. This is one of the latter. It was written over a single session and then subject to a couple of weeks of editing - like, no time at all.


5:16 min

This was originally a piano piece I wrote a college that I radically reworked and turned into this. It is mood music (that was the subject of the original exercise, I think). I hate the way university attempt to hold copyright on student's work. That has always struck me as wrong.


4:17 min

Pavane is definitely not a Pavane in any recognisable sense, but it did make me think of Ravel (very slightly). It's a six-part contrapuntal piece scored for very diverse electronic instruments. By the way, Ravel's isn't a pavane either, so it would seem fair.


8:38 min

This is one of the more experimental pieces on the album jointly written with my SO.


3:57 min

Like Pavane this started life as an exercise that got out of hand - a "motet without words".


4:05 min

It was one of those days when this was written. That says it all.