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Linden Wood


6:44 min

Chac is a Mayan God of Rain. This track combines ostinato patterns, some South American rhythms and instrumentation with a couple of guitar solos. Not necesasarily in that order.


6:26 min

Lily as in the flower not the name. The flute solo with the echo I find quite evocative. Makes me think of mountain music. It has a very "English" string section, but then I'm English so that's allowed.


4:50 min

More of a dancey number, this makes extensive used of tempo patches on the Roland box. Euro-style pop rather than US in sound and so the name.


4:24 min

A very simple piece for English Horn and Cello with some backing by the synthesiser. It's a track for relaxing to.


9:27 min

This is the piece on the album that points towards Jazz.

Siegfried's Dream

10:02 min

This is just about the most strictly orchestral piece on all the albums. It is probably the only one that could be played by a real orchestra - no electronic parts, but played electronically.

Camel Train

5:52 min

Desert Reggae. It was fun getting the rolling motion of the camels though. If you can't hear what I mean, turn the bass right up. Another track that makes heavy use of Indian percussion.


17:08 min

This could be said to be a viola piece with orchestral and synthetic backing though that would not be quite right.


9:44 min

This one really just fell out over a weekend, but it's still one of my favorites. It turns out to be one of those tracks that I keep trying to improve only to keep reverting back to the original.