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Mountain Echoes


4:37 min

An upbeat, dancy track with a lot of electronic bass and percussion.


5:30 min

Soft acoustic guitar and sax solos with a chorus section featuring overdriven electric guitars.

Ocean's Floor

6:33 min

It starts with a long descent to the other place and then introduces a soft, almost liquid, theme against an arpeggiated ground.


6:30 min

This track features asian temple gongs as a drone bass against drums and percussion with a variety of flute sounds playing solos in the middle section.

The Last Dance

6:06 min

The last dance played at the end of a evening.

Unturned Stone

3:17 min

We'll leave no stone unturned. So what's under an unturned stone? Hope, I suppose.

Finn's Song

8:54 min

A violin solo with a lot of folk music overtones. The second section develops the theme with a more upbeat rhythm.


5:31 min

This started as a orchestration exercise which got a bit out of hand. The main tune is in "folksong"-style in Dorian mode.

Bel Canto

8:54 min

The tenor solo is developed in the orchestral middle section before an enhanced repeat of the original theme.

Cafe Cathay

7:35 min

Think of a 1920's cafe orchestra playing a slow waltz enhanced with the sound of far eastern string instruments.

Mountain Song

2:31 min

The sound of pipes echoing around the hillsides over a soft pad whose overtones fill the gaps between the sounds.


4:54 min

The themes are reduced to simple rhythms and harmonies using a very electronic drum part.