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Sound Foundry

Trash Can

7:47 min

Flutes, some of my own sampled sounds and a very trashy drum kit. A lot of fun to make as well.


3:40 min

A piece of orchestral/piano music with more backing ostinato patterns.


7:23 min

Pulser is all about heavy use of filter sweeps, repeated rhythms passing from one synthetic sound to another, big fat analog basses and so on.


3:48 min

PC is a fairly ordinary piece of minimalist music. The piece focuses on a shifting soundscape of cross rhythms over which, foreshortened themes occasionally surface.


6:34 min

Dervish is intended to capture heat and excitement of the Middle East through its insistent use of constantly changing filters on synthesised sound against traditional instruments.


6:25 min

Spectre was the first result of my attempts to sample instruments. The second half of the piece makes me think of Film Noir and America of the 40's, I dont know why.


4:12 min

Despite the foolish title, this is a pretty traditional piece of plan '70s pop. It was fun to make though. The Bhangra electric guitar is fun too.


23:55 min

P3 is a large-scale piece scored for synthetic orchestra.


9:02 min

This piece is a mish-mash - a wierd combination of South American themes on a simple chord shift and Indian percussion. One of the nice things about synthesis is that you do this sort of thing.