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Dark Angels

2:39 min

This electronic, but slightly orchestral sounding track is meant as a sort of overture to the CD. I like some of the sounds in the spaces between the notes.

Whitestone Bluff

5:26 min

This one has a strong noisy drum track, lots of electronic sounding ostinato patterns combined with the natural acoustic sound of a violin.


3:32 min

From violin to 'cello, this is more of a song form with alternating verses and choruses. The underlying rhythm is a combination of harp and pizzicato sounds that gives it some transparency that I like.


6:57 min

The backing rhythm to this uses a variety of Asian and Middle Eastern percussion instruments against which is contrasted electronic and sampled vocal and choral sounds and a short saxophone solo.


4:49 min

The solo instrument in this piece is reconstructed from some samples and a lot of electronic modification. It has the sound of a soft wind instrument, but with the release phase of a plucked one.


5:48 min

This is a bit of a stomp. It was fun to write, especially the cross rhythms of the middle section. The opening is meant as a sort of fanfare.

Isolde's Song

5:32 min

I imagine Isolde's instrument of choice to be the celtic harp. The song is developed first by the oboes and flutes, before the string section really gets going.

Sleepy Head

5:11 min

This is a bit sleepy like its title says. I like the blend of flutes and the pitch shifts to get the effect of over and underblowing the instruments.


5:26 min

This is a more upbeat piece. The arpeggiated sounds help keep it moving in the chorus sections and the wind instruments add some variety in the second half.

After the Storm

7:48 min

This piece started with the sound of droplets of water used as part of a percussion kit. It is meant to be a piece to relax to.


3:33 min

This piece is another where the reverberating sounds combine and blend well in the gaps between the notes.


8:09 min

Niobe, a Queen of Thebes, was punished for her arrogance by Apollo and Artemis, who slaughtered all her children.


4:57 min

This started off as a simple piano piece, but I decided it needed a little more...

Pale Angels

2:27 min

This short choral piece concludes the album. It is a straight piece of vocal counterpoint. The choir is sampled and blended with electronic voices.