Planning, the Second Idea

After I had given up on the gods and their tokens idea, I decided to look at the other concepts in the brief: nature and landscape. (Click Click to open accompanying graphics in new window to start dowloading the examples in another window.)

I have a habit of taking my digital camera (Fuji FinePix 6800 Zoom) with me everywhere. Any time I see anything particularly striking, out comes the camera. I'm not a good photographer, and I have to admit that the camera mostly takes better pictures if I leave it alone and don't fiddle with it. The great thing about your own pictures is that they are free: no royalties and no permissions.

My next tip, is to never throw anything away. If there's an image there, you never know when it will be just the right image. If you have the disk space, keep them all. Make CDs, whatever.

There is a current fashion for using 'rough' images, grainy images, blurry images, images with camera shake. People spend time in their digital darkrooms 'distressing' perfectly good photos. Save time. Keep the bad images! After all, bad photos are easier to take than good photos.

Take a look at the Click to open accompanying graphics in new window. When I say bad, I really do mean bad.